Please make sure to follow these rules at all times, failure to do so will result in action being taken, and you may potentially be removed from the community.

Last updated 19th December 2020
PLEASE NOTE: These rules & policies are subject to change at any time.

Section 1 – Disciplinary Policies

1.1 – Three Strike Policy: This is a policy where you’ll be given two prior strikes before being banned from the Nexus Transport community. This applies to complaints in Discord and external sources such as TruckersMP, as well as anonymous reports. All reports are processed by our Resourcing Team, and depending on severity, the Community Owners reserve the right to ban you without prior warning.

The system goes as follows:
Strike One – Written Warning from the Resourcing Team
Strike Two – Two-week suspension from the community.
Strike Three – Permanent Ban from the Nexus Transport community.

If the situation is serious enough, information about the ban, including your TruckersMP, Steam and Discord ID’s will be passed on to other communities to warn them of what’s happened.

We will never share any personally identifiable information (Full Name, Email, D.O.B etc.) with other organisations, and will only share public information provided when you signed up (TruckersMP, Steam & Discord ID), all of which can be found on your TruckersMP profile.

Section 2 – Company Policies

2.1 – Nexus Transport operates a strict policy, which prevents members from being part of any other VTC, this is the case with all other VTC’s listed on TruckersMP and other platforms. If you’re caught at another VTC, an investigation will be opened up with our Resourcing Team, the outcome lies with the investigating officer. *(Dual VTC’ing means being in, or logging for another community)*
2.2 – Communication – Please ensure that you follow the correct methods of contacting members of Management, always speak to your line manager before escalating anything, as they may be able to assist you.

General questions/enquiries:
1 – Ask in help-and-support.
2 – Ask a staff member.
3 – Ask your Department Manager.
4 – Ask the Community Owners / Leadership Team.

1 – Anonymous reporting form, which can be found here.
2 – Resourcing Department Manager.
3 – Community Owners / Leadership Team

Section 3 – Admissions Policies

3.1 – With the community age limit currently being 16, any drivers currently under this limit are free to stay, but will face immediate investigation if they come under any investigation from the Resourcing Team.
3.2 – Should you wish to resign from Nexus Transport, there is a two-week cool-down period, in which you cannot re-apply. You’re more than welcome to re-apply after the two-week period.
3.3 – The Admissions Team reserves the right to revoke membership at any point.
3.4 – VTC hopping, or the practice of quickly moving between VTC’s and Nexus Transport is strictly prohibited, if you’re found to be VTC hopping, you will be immediately removed from Nexus Transport.
3.5 – Shared accounts are not allowed under ANY circumstances, All drivers are responsible for their own account, and anything that happens on it will reflect on the account as a whole.
3.6 – You’re permitted to apply to Nexus Transport four times, if you leave after joining four times, any application to re-join the community will be automatically declined.

Section 4 – Discord Policies

4.1 – No inappropriate content, this includes pornographic content, Nexus Transport is a 16+ community, and we’d prefer it if you kept our chat(s) to PG-13. Posting of said content may result in a Strike 1, 2 or 3, depending on the severity you may be blacklisted permanently.
4.2 – Keep swearing to a minimum – We get that the majority of our community is 18+, but we would prefer it if you kept the community as professional as possible.
4.3 – No offensive/derogatory comments, if it’s not nice, keep it to yourself.
4.4 – Arguments – If you’ve got an issue with somebody please follow the correct protocol of reporting this, which is to contact a member of the Resourcing Team, The correct lines of communication can be found in Rule 2.2.
4.5 – Advertising of any kind is prohibited if it meets the following criteria: Another VTC, for financial gain, or contains adult content.
4.6 – Tagging Users – Please make sure your username doesn’t contain any special characters and is standard text whilst on the Discord Server, this is to allow us to tag members easier. Any driver who does not abide by this rule may be disciplined by the Resourcing Team.
4.7 – Please use the correct channels for the correct purposes, and always check the channel information.
4.8 – Misuse of the Spoiler tag (/spoiler & || Message Here ||) will not be tolerated, and may result in a warning or further action.
4.9 – The usage of the @Notified tag is reserved to Nexus Transport Management only, in addition, Nexus Transport Staff, and Division Management are the only ones permitted to use division tags, Any non-staff member using these tags to notify others in Discord will receive a warning, with consecutive misuses resulting in a strike.

Section 5 – Multiplayer Policies

5.1 – Nexus Transport Members are expected to follow all TruckersMP rules
5.2 – We expect all drivers to act professionally whilst using the TruckersMP servers, drive with care and attention (as though it’s real-life), we want people to know the Nexus Transport name for positive reasons.
5.3 – The use of Pilot Cars is prohibited whilst using the Nexus Transport tag.
5.4 – No large groups of drivers on the C-D Road or Kirkeness Quarry Road, unless part of a community convoy/event. (6 drivers maximum).
5.5 – When driving with other members of Nexus Transport, please use the relative voice channels on Discord, with a working microphone/headset.
5.6 – Do not use any explicit language in the public chat or over CB Radio.
5.7 – If you receive a ban from TruckersMP during your application, or once within Nexus Transport, you are required to report this to the Resourcing Team, or email – Failure to do so will result in a warning and potential dismissal (Resourcing Officers Discretion).
5.8 – You are responsible for your own account. When rules are being broken, we will punish the account that broke them, regardless of who was using it at the time of the incident.
5.9 – Double Trailers are the maximum permitted size of trailer in TruckersMP, this means no triples or road trains.

Section 6 – Job Logging

6.1 – We have a zero-tolerance on Money/Economy editors. If you’re found using such modifications, you will be permanently banned from the community.
6.2 – When using ProMods, please try not to use many ferries, as it reduces final profits on your job logs.
6.3 – If you have any concerns for any logged jobs, please contact a member of the Resourcing Team, who can open an investigation into it.
6.4 – If you fail to log any jobs within two months, you will be deemed as inactive and will be removed from the community.
6.5 – Repeated negative jobs on VTLOG will require an investigation to be opened up by the Resourcing Team, and screenshots of jobs may be required.
6.6 – Continuing on from Rule 6.5, if we believe that there are exploits in your job logs, you will also be required to provide screenshots of the process, this includes 1) The start screen (Job List with the job you’re taking selected). 2) The map after you completed the delivery (To show the route taken) 3) The end screen (Screen detailing income and XP that displays after uncoupling your trailer).

Section 7 – Convoy Rules

7.1 – Please take note of all information provided in the event details on our events page.
7.2 – Should you have any issues during the convoy, please pull over safely and either F7 or /fix, or fuel at the next station.
7.3 – Pilot cars are forbidden unless stated otherwise.
7.4 – Always listen to the convoy leader(s), and/or Nexus Transport staff.
7.5 – No overtaking in any convoys, this includes non-community members unless stated otherwise.
7.6 – Keep a safe distance, depending on speed, as the driver in front may have connectivity issues, and may cause crashing due to lag.
7.7 – Running red lights is allowed if you need to catch up, but please be aware of your surroundings.
7.8 – Please invite your friends along to community gatherings, and monthly convoys, everyone is welcome!
7.9 – Late to the gathering/event? You must join at the rear of the convoy, and follow rule 7.5 at all times.


Nexus Transport retains the right to terminate the official membership status because of, but not limited to:
– Engaging in conduct that endangers Nexus Transport, or that is against the best interests of Nexus Transport
– For any reason that Nexus Transport determines as a proper reason for termination.

Legal Information

– All donations are protected under the law and are completely voluntary.
– Privacy and Terms of Service are in effect once you submit your application. You can find the Privacy and Terms of Service here.
– All staff operations are volunteer-driven and are not under any circumstances subject to payment.
– Member information may be shared to other communities if an investigation requires us to do so.


We are indeed, a fun and friendly community, which offers a wide range of opportunities that you can progress through.


All positions within Nexus Transport are 100% voluntary, meaning that we’re doing this in our own time, and even better, for fun!


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