If you're interested in becoming a driver for Nexus Transport, please be advised we have some requirements that you must meet to be considered for a position here.

First of all, thank you for your interest in joining the driver’s team at Nexus Transport.
We have some general requirements for all of our driver’s, to ensure that we’re able to run a smooth operating environment for everyone.

Age Requirement
Following TruckersMP’s age requirements, we have an age requirement of 16 within Nexus Transport, however, depending on maturity etc, we’re able to lower this to 13 (Discord TOS) should it be required.

TruckersMP Profile
– Members are required to have their bans displayed publically on the TruckersMP website.
– Members are required to be part of our TruckersMP VTC group (
– You must have no more than 4 bans on your TruckersMP profile, and no active bans at the time of applying.
– You must not be registered with any other VTC at the time of applying.

Discord Rules & TOS Notice
 – Members must be part of the Nexus Transport Discord Server (
– Members must be aged 13+ on the Discord Server, to co-operate with the Discord Terms of Service.
– All members are to follow the Discord Terms of Service regardless of what situation you may be in. (

Virtual Truckers Log (VTLOG)
– Members are required to sign up to the Virtual Truckers Log website (
– Members are required (once accepted) to apply to our VTLOG company profile (
– Once accepted onto the VTLOG system, you’ll then be required to install the LogIt tool.
– All information on how to download & setup LogIt can be found on our Drivers Hub section of Discord.

All future updates to our requirements can be found here.
This document was last updated on 27th November 2020 by Mark Davison


We are indeed, a fun and friendly community, which offers a wide range of opportunities that you can progress through.


All positions within Nexus Transport are 100% voluntary, meaning that we’re doing this in our own time, and even better, for fun!


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a driver for Nexus Transport? Why not hit that apply button today?