As of Thursday 26th November Nexus Transport Group will no longer be utilising Trucksbook for our job logging system.
We are now using VTLog which is a fully automated system, which allows us to log our jobs more efficiently, without having to worry about the software being open.
This is because VTLog runs in the background whenever you launch the game, and all credentials are passed over a secure network to the LogIt systems, on VTLog.

As a result of this, we are now able to see which users are completing deliveries much easier, and which users are losing profit, which is much easier for our resourcing and management team in the long run.

Please see to the vtlog-help channel on our Drivers Hub area of our Discord Server, for a full break down on what you need to do, to install this.
It is recommended to have the overlay enabled when setting up the tracker, as it will tell you whether a job is being tracked or not.

Users who do not install this new system, will not have any of their jobs tracked, and this will then lead to a potential removal as it will be seen as inactivity.

This is a notice regarding the tracker installation process, it will show up with a Windows Defender error message, indicating that the software is a virus. | Please note, this is false and the software can be installed with no worries, just click on “run anyway” when prompted.

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