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LogIt Job Tracking

We now utilise VTLOG, and the LogIt tool they provide, to allow us to track jobs much easier.
You’ll be required to install this when you become a driver with us.

Driving Standards

Our members are required to part-take in a driver safety course, to ensure that they’re aware of the TruckersMP rules etc, and that they can drive safely.

Monthly Convoys

Starting back up in January 2021, we’ll be hosting monthly convoys for the TruckersMP community, everyone is welcome to join us on the road.

Custom Liveries

We’re currently in the process of creating some awesome liveries for our fleet of trucks in Europe, and America, fancy giving this a go too? Let us know!

Games Nights

Why not join us for our weekly games nights? We mainly play Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator, as well as Among Us and other games alike!

Mental Health Convoy

We’re the proud hosts of the Mental Health Convoy, a charity event supporting YoungMinds, find all information by visiting the Mental Health Convoy website.

Monthly Convoy(s)

Coming Soon

Join the Nexus Transport team from January 2021 as we start our monthly convoys back up once again.
This section will be updated with the relevant information once we have it for you.

Join us on the 29th & 30th May 2021, as we convoy around Europe for 24 hours, to support YoungMinds.

-Mark Davison

@Mental Health Convoy